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Transform your conversations with Empathy-Care-Action

      Build a more compassionate world one conversation at a time

Do you want better work relationships?

A more supportive team culture?

Or do you want your motivation back and re-connect with your self-worth?

This short course teaches you how to transform your conversations using our model Empathy-Care-Action.

Three simple steps to create meaningful relationships. 

Who doesn’t want that?! 

And you can implement the teaching immediately in your own work and personal conversations.  And more than that you can teach others to do the same!

Just imagine what we can achieve if we all start having compassionate conversations. 

What a better world that would be and I really hope you will be part of that change.

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What's In The

We UNPACK our model Empathy-Care-Action explaining how each section works and giving you the 3 accelerators for each part of the model.

For each part of the model, we have added a short video from our video library – created by the Resound team of professional actors.

These are all real work stories, brilliantly portrayed. There are stories of compassion which have been life-changing – yes – COMPASSION CHANGES LIVES.

And there are stories where compassion has been completely missing and we learn the awful impact that can have on people.

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There is a REFLECTIVE JOURNAL so you can record your insights as you go.

We have some case studies where people in different jobs and different sectors tell us the SUCCESS they have had with Empathy-Care-Action.

Some of the case studies are about situations where you would expect to see compassion due to the nature of their role and others may come as a complete surprise!

And there is a BONUS VIDEO for you to show you a manager getting the conversation very wrong followed by a better approach – it’s one of our most popular videos in the Resound Academy – and it’s a lot of fun too.

Have you had enough of conversations that leave you feeling down?

Is your workplace full of negativity and angst?

Would you like a simple strategy to start improving conversations and enabling people to feel better about themselves and about work?

Our model is simple, effective and easily digestible AND You can start implementing what you learn immediately!

We have used this model with hundreds and hundreds of delegates. 

Front line workers, support workers, clinicians, professional services, in other words, people from all walks of life and in diverse occupations and sectors have benefited from this work. 



Gill Brabner set up Resound Training and Development Ltd in 2004 and quickly established a strong track record of delivering high impact learning events using drama-based training.

Gill and her team of actors create short videos depicting real-life work stories for online and face to face training programmes, and qualifications, and as stand-alone digital content that clients use to support management development.

Gill has been researching compassion at work and compassionate leadership since 2013 and is on a mission to build more compassionate world one conversation at a time. You are in great hands!

Gill is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a lecturer at Cardiff University where she is a module leader for the master's programme: Leadership for Optical Professionals. Gill gained her MSc in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh in 2020.

Gill has designed and delivered training programmes for many organisations over the last 20 years including NHS, Housing, Publishing, Pharma, Retail, Heritage, Professional Services and many others.

How much does the course cost?


How long will it take to complete?

About 60 -90 minutes including writing in your Reflective Journal.  So ideal for you to complete in one sitting!

How is it delivered?

It’s delivered via our online platform.  the content is made up of short videos, reflective journal and checklists so you are ready to go.

What equipment do I need?

Your PC/laptop or mobile phone.  You can print off the journal if you prefer to hand write your answers – which by the way is a great idea for learning!

Why this course? Why Resound?

Answer: We have been researching compassion at work since 2013 and using this model with client organisations and hundreds of delegates and we know it lands!  Implement the content and you will see it makes a difference.

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