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What is Pay-to-Play?

Our Pay-to-Play videos is a way of accessing and using our training videos for the time you need them at very low cost.

You have 3 short term use options to choose from, giving you time to review, plan your training and share with colleagues and delegates.

Choose from:

  • 3 days
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Why Pay-To-Play?

Our videos are designed to be used by L&D professionals. We know video content can bring a topic to life, especially those subjects which can be sensitive or difficult to address in a session, or where it would be helpful to see examples of behaviours and the impact they can have on others.

The videos offer food for thought and prompt discussions by presenting another person’s perspective on a situation. From short videos that demonstrate behaviours and their effects, to longer videos that will help delegates and staff to lead and manager teams more effectively, we are always talking to L&D professionals to find out what they need most.

About Resound Videos

You said and we listened! When we made our video library available on an annual subscription basis many of you got in touch to ask us if you could access the videos on a short-term subscription basis, so you could add engaging, fun and relevant video content to your courses, webinars and workshops without the need to pay an annual fee.

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Each of these short videos comes with a minimum of one resource to help delegates record their thoughts, discussion and learning and provides evidence of CPD

Next Steps?

See thumbnails below for a short summary of the video topic.  Click on the Pay-to-Play button to access video and supporting materials.

Customer Care -
Tulip Ward

Are you running sessions on improving patient experiences and managing complaints? Then this video is for you! Based on real-life experiences on a hospital ward this video really gets the discussion going!

E, D & I -
Late Diagnosis Dyslexia in the Workplace – Vanessa

A brilliant resource for raising awareness about hidden disabilities, based on a lived-experience this video prompts useful reflections and discussions.

Women’s Health – Maxine’s Menopause

Maxine is a strong and capable person, a great employee. In our video she opens up about her struggle to manage her menopause symptoms at work and why she can’t be open with her manager and colleagues. A great video to emotionally connect your delegates to a common health issue in the workplace.

Men’s Mental Health –
Mike’s Story

Mike thought he was steady as a rock but found his mental health in real danger. His manager Jim was crucial to him recognising this, which is something we can all do.

E, D & I –
I Feel Like I Don’t Exist – Mary & Ikra

Ikra is feeling excluded and Mary doesn’t have any good news for her. This might lead to serious repercussions for the organisation. Thought-provoking and a good starting point for conversations around equality, diversity and inclusion, this resource is invaluable to supporting staff to make emotional connections to the issues

Listening to Carers

Do you know who the carers are in your workforce? This video offers an insight into the lives of carers and how we all need to use a compassionate approach to patients and their families. This video is an excellent resource for customer care programmes and for raising awareness about the role of family carers.

Managing Sickness Absence

Maxine is a manager who has just returned from sick leave and must now manage sickness in her own team. It all seems straightforward enough until a video shows up on social media and things start to get messy.

Inappropriate Behaviour and Banter

Simon just wants it to stop. His manager Susie needs to get this right, but she is struggling to separate her working relationship from her friendship.

Support delegates to manage any potential problems they may face with unwanted behaviours like this. A video to support conversations and training around a very difficult subject.

Personal Hygiene

The conversation no-one wants to have, whether with a colleague or a friend. Plenty of pitfalls to avoid here! But taking a compassionate approach and putting Richard’s well-being first means that Maria handles this sensitive situation successfully.

Performance Management - Managing Change -
Reena & Marion

Appraisals are a key part of performance management, especially during organisational change – which can have repercussions for all management and staff if not handled compassionately. Our video shows Reena getting it completely wrong in Marion’s appraisal and how a better approach leads to better outcomes all round. One of three videos in this series.

Performance Management -
Flexible Working

When staff exhibit unusual behaviours, Mark learns that a compassionate approach can get to the heart of the matter more quickly than a performance management conversation.

Mental Health First Aid

Poor mental health can impact on others and manifest itself is many ways. Perhaps a member of staff is behaving out of character, or you just have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. But our videos support staff to have these conversations by showing them how.

Customer Care – Loxenbury Dental Clinic

Administrator Karen and patient Lyndsay have very different perspectives on the customer care provided in clinic this morning. What do you think?

Customer Care – Sylvia’s Visit to Outpatients

It is all too easy to make assumptions about a patient’s capacity. All Sylvia wants is to be treated with respect and kindness.

You Don't Look Autistic

This video shows some of the common issues experienced by someone with autism. We invited Alex, an actor with a diagnosis of autism to work with us on this project. Alex had a significant input into the script and helped us to understand the adjustments that he needed to enable him to deliver his best work – which he did brilliantly!

Dyslexia in the Workplace

The story of Scott is based on the real work experiences of people with dyslexia. As part of our diversity and inclusion agenda we invited Justin, an actor with a diagnosis of dyslexia, to work with us on the video. Justin had a significant input into the script to ensure the issues were authentic for his character.

Managing Change – Tom & Nancy

Organisational change and changes in process and procedure can cause anxiety in staff. This short video demonstrates the importance of working with your staff to reduce anxiety and manage the emotions that change can bring about. Nancy, a supervisor and Tom, her manager meet to discuss the issues arising for staff around organisational change.

Managing Change – Sara & Alan

Organisational change and changes in process and procedure can cause anxiety in staff. This short video demonstrates the importance of working with your staff to reduce anxiety and manage the emotions that change can bring about. Alan, a staff member, has asked to speak with Sara, his supervisor, to ask for further information about the proposed changes to the appraisal system as he is feeling anxious.

Supporting Staff with Long Covid

Long Covid is new to all of us and affects people differently. The way in which staff are supported and managed throughout can impact enormously on their ability to return to their role. The video includes a Getting it Wrong and a Better Approach.

Listening to Volunteers

Meet Pam who is the manager of a Community Centre and Brian who is one of their volunteers, supporting a group for young adults with learning difficulties. Pam tells us about Brian, but as always there is another perspective! Do you have concerns about Brian working in the Centre?

Customer Care – Loxenbury Sexual Health Clinic

Two patient stories, one clinic. Based on a real patient experience, this video explores safeguarding issues and the feelings of people attending a sexual health clinic.

Customer Care – Telephone Skills

Alisha is anxious about a change to her medication. She was expecting a call back from Loxenbury MHT yesterday. She phones back and speaks to Susan. In the Getting it Wrong scene we see Susan handling the situation badly with a lack of empathy and care. In the Better Approach, Susan not only demonstrates empathy and care but takes appropriate and timely action to help Alisha.

Women’s Health – Aisha’s Story

Aisha explains the impact of endometriosis and how she found that talking about her condition at work helped her manager and the organisation provide the support she needed.

Men’s Health - Gareth's Story

Gareth is shocked by his diagnosis of type-2 diabetes at 35. Here he explains how being open and honest at work has allowed his manager and team to be supportive and help him to manage his condition more effectively.

Supporting Carers

Do you know who the carers are in your team? Those members of staff who combine work with caring for someone in their family? This video explores the impact of caring responsibilities on individuals and the team and highlights the crucial role of the line manager and other colleagues in providing the right support at the right time.

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